Whether you are still in your garage practicing for that first pub gig or hitting the stages in the bigger venues then you will need band merch. Tees & Hoodies are a staple requirement for every band. Getting your logo, ep release, or full album cover out into your fanbase is an essential!
What is more, you can earn a tidy sum selling them on to your dedicated followers. Might help with the promo of your gigs!
Click on one of the following 'most band-liked garments' or fill in the big form at the bottom for a bulk quote! Min of 12, but discounts really kick-in at 16+
Gildan Brands - probably the most sought after garment for band merch. If you are wearing a big name band tee right now, then go check the label, it's probably a Gildan.
Best value entry level prices mean a good value all rounder with a low cost price tag to help you make some money on your own sales to fans.
AS Colour produce a high-end product with a high-street brand feel. These garments are for more fashion conscious fans! They product one of the smoothest prints on a shirt to last many a gig!
It's the bosses personal choice for a brand or band tee, a good all-rounder but smart too.
Looking for something else? Lay down that Strat, unplug the Les Paul and fill in the form below and let us know.
If it can be printed on then we can probably do it!