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Keeping it Green – Managing Screen Printing Waste

Screen printers use chemicals! Ink, press wash, white spirit, spotter gun fluid, emulsion, degreaser, de-hazer, and reclaiming solvent.

While most of these chemicals are not harmful to humans, they can be harmful to our flora and fauna!

To combat this problem we have a number of strategies in place to make sure we stay safe and love our planet!

  • We use a set of chemicals which are environmentally safe from Franmar. Many of these are made from soya and are not harmful to the environment

  • A few of our chemicals evaporate into the atmosphere and become inert in doing so.

  • Some of our chemicals are entirely drain safe and are washed into the sewer system diluted with water.

  • All ink and emulsion remover is removed from the screen completely and never washed into the drains. These chemicals are stored in 1000 litre containers and removed from our site and treated professionally by specialist chemical treatment companies. The image on this blog is actually one of our containers going away to be treated.

  • We never wash any liquids into the storm water systems. Ever!

  • All plastics we use are recycled

  • All cardboard we use (and there is a lot) is recycled.

  • All biscuits we just eat!

We are doing our bit for the environment!

Are you?


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