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Print your Clothing Brand Yourself

Plastisol Heat Transfers

Did you know you can print your own garments with what are called Plastisol heat transfers?

A plastisol heat transfer is a normal screen print which is printed onto a piece of transfer paper in reverse. The underside of the print is coated in a fine powdery glue and the whole transfer is partially cured in the tunnel oven. The resultant transfers can be heat pressed onto a garment yourself. All you need is a heat press - this can be obtained on eBay for very little.

Why would you want to use this form of printing?

Some clothing brands just starting out might have several different designs that they want to sell. The problem is they don’t know which designs will sell better than others. Consequently, if you get screen printers to run of printed garments for each design you could end up tying up a lot of money on some designs and garments which may never sell.

Stock that never sells is money wasted sitting on the shelves!

Plastisol heat transfers allow you to purchase heaps of transfers for minimal costs and simply press them onto blank garments as each sale comes in. In short, it allows you to have blank garments that you can sell on the basis of each design that is sold rather than tying up the stock pre-printed, which saves you money in the long run!

Some designs can be printed in multiples on each transfer sheet and you can cut them out for each press you need. For example, in the case of a left chest print you might be able to get 10 prints on a single piece of transfer paper cutting your cost further by a factor of 10.

Which in turn increases your profit margin on each sale you take! YAY!

These are real screen prints using real commercial ink. In fact is the same ink used to print on a press directly onto a garment. The print will last as long as a screen print to garment print and will have the added benefit of being super smooth from the heat press.


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