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Thinking of starting your own clothing brand? Think about this first…

Consider the following scenario. You have your designs developed and ready to go, you need someone to print your garments now! You head on over to your local printer with an order in your mind for five designs with just a few tees of each. You have a left chest print a back print across the shoulders and you also want your own printed labels in the neck in the place of the tag for each design.

You will quickly discover that there is a hefty setup fee (screen printing is intensive in the setup and cheap to print!) and the cost of each garment is greater than what you were thinking of selling them for to your ‘eager to buy’ customers!

It’s a common problem for new clothing brands and presents a significant stumbling block to enter your given market. The answer, however is not all that far away. Plastisol Heat Transfers. What are they? Simply, screen printed pieces of transfer paper with real ink that are ready to be heat pressed onto a garment. All you need then is some garments to print on, and a heat press ($200 from ebay). Using plastisol heat transfers turns you into a printer which can mean you can get wholesale accounts with some of the garment suppliers

There are two huge advantages using plastisol heat transfers when you are get

ting your clothing brand going:

1. You take total control over the print process meaning you don’t need to print anything until you have an order. You may think that your 5 wonderful designs will all sell extremely well but find out that one design sells much more than the others. Having heaps of stock on the shelf of printed garments that may never sell is money tied up which you may never recover. Having a bunch of transfers on the shelf that cost a fraction of the printed garment means you only have to heat press what people order. Kerching!

2. Dependant upon the size of your prints you can often get multiple designs on a single sheet or transfer paper. This basically means each print costs less. So for example, if you manage to get say four designs on a single sheet and the sheet costs you $8 each, then each ‘ready to heat press’ design has only cost you $2. That all means more profit for you when you make your sale.

It's not hard to learn to heat press – takes about 10 mins, and actually quite a bit of fun!

For more info click the button and fill out the form and we will supply you with a quote and mockups.


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