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Why have your own branded t-shirt merch?

Printed Apparel Merchandise is a big deal these days! It seems that everyone is getting into it. From restaurants to clubs, pubs, bands and breweries.

But why bother to have your own branded merch at all?

We print heaps of branded merch in the form (mostly) of hats, tees and hoodies and we believe there are a couple of really good reasons why you should consider your own branded clothing:

  1. It provides a valuable connection with your audience base which gives your brand a presence in the public domain which is 'literally' worn about town! Advertising and marketing is expensive and varies in its reach and target marketing so having your own clientele purchase and wear your branded garments advertises you to similar audiences. It also brings product affiliation with your target market too.

  2. It provides extra revenue for your business. What a bonus! Depending on the organisation type a T-shirt can sell for as much as $70 but might have only cost $9 to purchase. It should be noted that most branded t-shirt merch sells for around $25. But either way it make sense to sell them on and make a profit. Some venues sell them back to their clientele at the purchase price so make sure they get out there in the public eye!

Here are some tips when buying your own printed merch:

  • make sure you brand presence is clear. Don't have too funky a design where your brand name gets lost in the splendour of your design!

  • make sure you have a message in your design. You may already have your own strap-line which you want to include but consider making sure people get a sense of what your particular story or product / service is all about.

  • another great idea is to release your garments as limited edition with particular versions of design or events etc. People may buy more than one, especially if the design commemorates and event they attended. A bit like buying a band t-shirt from the gig you just went to.

  • choose quality garments - its a common mistake to just get hold of the cheapest garment you can and make as big a profit as possible on each sale. Most customers are very discerning and recognise cheap garments right away just by their feel. Make sure you are not damaging your brand by selling poor garments.

  • consider having your own internal printed labels which contain sizing and product washing details. This is the 'cherry on the cake' as far as offering people your own brand and will assist in the sales.

  • consider putting something simple on the back that references your social connections. This aids with 'social proofing' and allows people to connect with you online too.

  • consider buying stock for your staff too. Clientele like that!

  • make sure you buy enough. You may want to trial the brand before stacking them high and selling them low, but going back to the printers for more often reduces the profitability. In our experience customers often come back for repeat orders that grow each time. The cost reduces, but in almost every case they wish they had bought more in the first purchase.

Hope that helps. Check out our Cafe merch page as an example of what can be done:


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