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Supacolour Full Colour Prints

We now offer a service in addition to screen printing specifically designed to be cost effective for small print runs looking for full colour prints.


Supacolour  prints are a hybrid of screen printing and digital transfer technology. They looks stunning in full colour.

They reproduce logos perfectly without a need to compromise on the quantity of colours in the print image on smaller print runs. We can print them using both CMYK inks and Pantone Inks so that matching of colours is spot on every time.


Supercolour Prints provide our customers with:

-              Unlimited Vibrant colours

-              Ultra-fine detail with any design

-              Ultra-high resolution photo realistic reproduction

-              Quality, eco-friendly inks

-              Prices geared towards smaller orders.


Are you looking for a quote on printed garments? We have the best value prices to match the right quality garments and customer service for your needs.


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