Getting Corporate & Social Responsibility


In this day and age when it comes to people’s standards of living and the sustainability of the environment cliches and emotive sentiment abound.
It really important to drill down to ‘brass tacks’ and talk really clearly about these issues.

From the conception of our company “doing the right thing” by the planet and the people on the planet has been as important to us as much as to our customers. We just have to be a good citizen, and while being a small player in the screen print market place may not mean that much, we still believe that we can impact human rights and environmental concerns positively.

As for us we use sustainable and safe methods in our print practices and products as follows:

• Ethical sourcing and price setting
• Sound health and safety practices for all our staff and walk-in customers
• Biological and biodegradable chemicals – safe for fishes and flowers (and foxes!)
• Water recycling – we recycle our water usage for tear down and clean-off
• No hazardous waste usage – using soya based cleaners
• Colourfast long-life Inks
• Safe Drain Waste – Where possible we we do not put anything down the drains instead we use evaporative systems and discard of sludge within the legal requirements. Some washout water does go into the waste drains (not stormwater) but it is water / flora / fauna /aquatic safe and goes through a five filter system.

Both Gildan (Canadian) and AS Colour (New Zealand/Australia) are clearly committed to getting their Corporate Social Responsibility right. That’s just one of the reasons we chose them as our staple providers for the market place in Australia.

You can view the detail of both of these wholesale manufacturers below by clicking on the links provided.