​At our heart the Ministry of Shirts is an Australian business that strives to bring a best-value product and service to the community in Australia in an ethical way.

We established this business as an opportunity for us to utilise our artistic gifts and printing skills in a way that we hope helps you achieve your goals. We hope we are an encouragement to the our customers everywhere.

In our research online, there are very few apparel Screen Printer companies that are genuinely Australian owned and based here too! Many companies seem to advertise as if they are in Australia but often appear to be in the USA or other countries - adding hefty delivery costs to get your order to Australia! T-shirts and Hoodies are quite heavy! 

We are 100% Australian owned, managed and based here too in Armidale, New England, New South Wales to be precise. we service and deliver to the whole of Australia and have delivery accounts with the most reputable companies.

We source our apparel through reputable importers supplying AS Colour, GILDAN, Anvil, American Apparel, AAA and Ramo products which are  the industry standard for T-Shirts and Hoodies worldwide. Their policies on Corporate Social Responsibility mean that we feel comfortable providing their products knowing that both people and the environment have been well looked after in the manufacture of their products. We have researched this extensively.


We operate using the traditional – cost effective – techniques of screen printing utilising both manual and auto presses, environmentally sound inks, emulsions, and cleaning fluids that are drain safe. All our garments are cured in a conveyor oven at 180 degrees to ensure that the ink is well cured for a long-lasting print. We have our own water recycling unit to wash our screens utilising approximately 300 litres of water every 2 months - about the equivalent as an individual in NSW per day! We also use an evaporation tank for most of our chemicals which means we don't flush anything into the water ways. We do not dispose of any chemicals into the wildlife waterways.