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Print-shop tel (02)6711 1284

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Ministry Shirts Pty Ltd are Australia's leading bulk-custom printed apparel company. We are an Australian company who print exclusively in Australia; in Armidale, NSW to be precise!


We cater for all types of organisations from Churches, University Groups, Youth Groups, Conferences, Sporting Events, Clubs and more and are always pleased to assist every customer to the highest level of quality and service.


Find out why Unis, Conferences, Churches and Camps, and other organisations, events and business groups choose to print with us.


  • Got a difficult job? Ask how we can help you with your specific requirements?

  • Need printed garment in a hurry? Ask about our quick turnaround service!

  • Want to find out how the submission, design, print, despatch process works within our organisation?

  • Just interested in finding out rough/basic prices and product information?

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