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AS Colour - Aussie New Zealand

AS Colour are one of the leading brands around the world today.

High street retail sales have made them a popular choice for clothing brands too.

We find people choose them for their smooth finish which produces a nice smooth screen print which will last the lifetime of the garment. Their hoodies have a high cotton yield which reduces pilling while increasing the weight and warmth of the garment. They have an organic range and cater for women’s, Youth, and Men’s garments in all types.

Ideal for Restaurants, Cafes, Clothing merch they are our number one seller for most of our customers.

They are known to have one of the best Corporate Social Responsibility profiles on the planet. Making sure they care for the planet, the people and the animals.

This is what they say about themselves:

AS Colour designs and manufactures quality basics. We believe in taking our time with every product we make. We only design and produce premium apparel that will stand the test of time.

AS Colour is guided by three key principles:

Quality is key.

Respect the details.

Keep it simple.


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